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I am an American with a diverse professional background.  I grew up in Virginia but had lived in Los Angeles for many years.  Regardless, most of my adult life was spent in Washington, DC which I consider my home town.

I moved to Thailand in 2003 to begin a new career as an educator.   I enjoy teaching immensely.   Though challenging, the rewards of teaching make up for what some consider a tough career.

My hobbies are web design and technology.  I am fascinated by the productive possibilities of technology.  Additionally, I am an avid reader.  I find it difficult to end the day without a good book to read.

About Me


Emphasis in Sales, Marketing, Training, Relationship Building & General Management

Versatile professional, well qualified for leadership positions where business savvy, international experience, problem-solving, sales, and business development strengths will be of value. Proven ability to produce and succeed in fast-paced and challenging start-up, turnaround, and growth environments. Highly motivated, confident, energetic, and results-focused. Excellent cross-functional qualifications, to include:

  • Sales & Marketing
  • General Management
  • Strategic Partnerships/Ventures
  • Cross-Cultural Communications
  • Team Building and Leadership
  • P&L Management / Budgeting
  • Administrative Management
  • Policies & Procedures Design
  • Educational Program Development
  • Academic/Curriculum Development
  • Teaching & Training
  • Staff Recruitment/Development
"Consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative."  Oscar Wilde
“Rewards and punishment is the lowest form of education.”  Chuang Tzu

I grew up in Northern Virginia right outside of Washington, DC in a small town called Manassas, famous only for a battle fought there during the civil war. Growing up there when I did, it was considered rural. It surprises many when I mention that we could ride our horses (and later our bicycles or motorbikes) to the local country store though this revelation usually begs the question that is never answered "When were you born!?". We enjoyed spending our Saturdays at the local little league field or hanging out with neighborhood friends at our pool. Though the area has changed, I look back with great fondness on my childhood and the idyllic life I had growing up.

My family was neither rich nor poor but solidly middle class. From my mother, I was given a love of reading and writing while my father taught me the value of hard work.  Our roots were southern but not what most would envision hearing that word today with the preconceived notions of what a "southerner" is. We were neither simplistic nor were we uneducated. We were religious but not judgmental. What we did have was a strong work ethic as well as a deeply rooted sense of right and wrong. In addition, we had a sense of community because we all knew each other. Ours was not a transient community. There were no strangers where I grew up. I started elementary school and graduated high school with many of the same people. This sense of community, the work ethic instilled in me by my father, and the simple common sense and love of reading learned from my mother follows me even today.

I have lived many places in my life, including Los Angeles, Seoul, Thailand and what I consider my hometown: Washington, DC. In addition, I have had many careers including military service (considered an obligation in my family), environmental services, real estate escrow, and even a short time working for a Hollywood studio (Sony Pictures).  My time in D.C. instilled a passion for politics that is still with me today. My time in Los Angeles gave me a wider view of America while my time overseas helped me appreciate America while viewing the world and people from other perspectives.

In 2003, I relocated to Thailand where I have been ever since working as an educator which, to this day, surprises me. If you had asked me if I ever wanted to be a teacher, I would have laughed. I was always considered bright (some would save clever), but I was never a "star" student which I assumed was needed to be a good teacher. To my surprise, I found that I actually enjoy teaching. I continue to teach and love the time I spend with students who allow me to see an ever changing world from a new generation's perspective.

There is so much more to tell, but this is a general idea of my life and what has shaped me over the years.


My Teaching Philosophy

My Teaching Philosophy

I believe that the goal of teaching is to provide opportunities for personal growth and learning. This requires that I provide a positive learning environment to foster their intellectual growth. In addition, it is incumbent upon educators to provide positive role models for students to emulate. In so doing, I help foster their personal growth as they grow into adulthood. Finally, it is imperative that I continue to develop and refine how I teach as well as how students learn. As such, my teaching philosophy focuses on the learning environment, setting positive examples and improved teaching. This trio of attention areas allows me to continue to provide the best possible learning opportunities to my students.

The learning environment is an essential part of learning as a whole because of its influence on student development. I consider all elements of the education environment, to include the physical and intellectual learning environment, as essential to learning. As such, my physical learning environment is designed to motivate my students and ensure that it is inclusive and engaging. Additionally, the physical environment must provide a safe and positive environment for learning. Finally, I welcome students to express their opinions and take an active role in their learning. In my view, the cornerstone of the learning environment would be a inclusive intellectual learning environment followed a close second by a positive physical learning environment. Both elements work together to provide a place for students to grow, both emotionally and intellectually. Providing a positive, inclusive learning environment has a positive impact on the cognitive development of the students.

Education is a key agent of socialization in a young person’s life. As such, teachers should provide a positive role model for students in all aspects of life. I endeavor to provide a positive personal role model for students both inside and outside the classroom. I believe this goes beyond the accepted norms of role models such as academic integrity, exhibiting healthy choices and honorable actions to follow my words. For example, I encourage students to read because I believe that reading is one of the single greatest personal tools for promoting intellectual development and curiosity. As such, I share with the students my interest in reading by talking about books I loved in my youth as well as today. In other words, I practice what I preach. In addition, I learn what a student’s personal interests are so I can provide ideas and suggestions for reading they may find personally enjoyable. Teachers should always provide positive examples for students to emulate while respecting individuality.

Teachers are a critical factor in any learning environment. The teacher impacts the learning environment due to their professional expertise as well as the teaching and learning methodology they utilize. In addition, the curriculum utilized within the learning environment will affect the quality of the learning environment. Therefore, I consider the needs and abilities of all learners, both long-term when developing the curriculum, as well as short-term when preparing the lessons. To facilitate a positive and productive learning environment, I endeavor to discover the learners’ intellectual needs and abilities through activities that encourage interaction and asking the right questions. Additionally, my teaching ability is critical to a successful learning environment. As such, I am always prepared and communicate clearly to avoid confusion from learners. I recognize various learning styles within the learning environment so as to ensure proper activities and support for those methods. Finally, I include activities designed to provide a 21st century learning environment. My continuing professional development and personal improvement in my teaching abilities ensures that students receive the best I have to offer.

All facets of my teaching abilities and learning environment should continually be assessed for improvement. Ethics would be another factor in both spiritual and social learning environments that I continually evaluate to improve. In addition, I must be aware of the culture and the limitations, socially and economically, of any plans for improvement. The best approach is incremental improvements after careful consideration and “buy-in” from the students, school and community. Continued improvement of the overall learning experience is feasible and of the utmost importance to ensure the students in my care receive the best possible education.

My theory of teaching and learning is a balance of behaviorism, cognitivism and humanism. Similarly, my education philosophy is balanced between secular perennialism and essentialism. Essentialism has been at the heart of the American educational system for many years. As such, it may have influenced my philosophy as an adult and educator. Regardless, the subject and the learners would also influence my philosophy and my teaching style. I always focus on ensuring the students are engaged and motivated within my classroom. Additionally, I am always aware that my preferred educational philosophies are teacher-centered. Therefore, I make a conscious effort to ensure that I incorporate learner-centered instruction and encourage learner-centered activities so that my teaching doesn’t become didactic. During my time teaching, I became more aware of the need for varied instructional methods. My goal is to continue to improve my teaching and expand my theoretical knowledge in order to provide a more in-depth, positive and proactive learning environment to all my students, regardless of the subject I am teaching.


20+ Years of Experience



M.Ed., Curriculum & Instruction

Master of Education


B.S., Business Management

Bachelor of Science


Teaching License

Teachers' Council of Thailand (Khurisapha)


CELTA Certification

Cambridge Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages


June 2009 - Current


Icon Group (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Ayutthaya, Thailand

Apr 2003 – Oct 2018

Assistant Director

BFITS (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Bangkok, Thailand

Oct 2001 – Apr 2003

Senior English Instructor

Han Seo Language Institute

Seoul, South Korea

Jan 2000 – Oct 2001

Executive Assistant

Sony Pictures Digital Entertainment (SPDE)

Culver City, California, USA

Mar 1997 – Jan 2000

Partner/Managing Director

Capital Home Title, LLC

Washington, D.C., USA

June 1991 – Mar 1997

Regional Sales Manager

NVR Settlement Services

Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA

Professional Skills

Microsoft Office

Apple iWork

Adobe Creative Suite

Contract Negotiations

Project Management

Public Speaking

Teaching Skills

Classroom Management

Curriculum Design

Assessment Design

Teacher Recruitment

Teacher Training

Teaching Program Management


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